Terence Harding, Sculptor-Designer



Terence Harding is a contemporary cutting-edge sculptor-designer and visual researcher with a unique artistic talent. He combines this with an understanding and passion for mathematics and computer programming. This allows Terence to produce pieces of inspired work that are an expression of beauty found within mathematics, science and nature. The sculpture illustrated for instance, is formed from sound waves.

Much of Terence's artistic expression is born, not only out of his technical abilities, but also his capacity to manipulate abstract ideas and think inter-dimensionally. His abilities are noted by experts and design organisations alike, as he continues bringing to life new and exciting ideas.

He not only produces sculptural work with a pure artistic purpose, but also designs informed, functional pieces, which embody the beauty of his art.

"It is true that I love to produce forms that are both meaningful and amazing to look at, but why on earth would I not dream of allowing people to experience those same qualities in functional pieces? It's my pleasure to produce an object of delight." - Terence Harding

All of Terence Harding's works are produced using specialist software that he personally authors in order to interpret subject matter and sculpt form. Works are then made with the assistance of computer aided production technologies.

His work is available in limited editions or as unique projects of special significance to the commissioner.

              VERTIA sculpture
              VERTIA sculpture
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